Luxoft teams with LG for WebOS automotive plan

Luxoft has partnered with LG Electronics to help create the next generation WebOS as part of a strategy to extend its capabilities and ecosystem into the automotive, robotics and smart home verticals.

LG Electronics has previously deployed WebOS in more than 60m LG smart TVs and digital signage displays worldwide with the install base growing rapidly.

As a partner, Luxoft is bringing technical assets as well as experience in designing and deploying software platforms for a wide variety of products and services.

"Thanks to our collaboration with Luxoft, we are able to bring WebOS into automotive and beyond," said LG Electronics CTO, I P Park.

"Luxoft is providing a substantial technological contribution to WebOS and has also greatly enhanced our ability to deploy it into new industries."

Luxoft will lead the deployment of WebOS into the new, targeted sectors, beginning with automotive.

Initially focusing on digital cockpit development, which includes infotainment, navigation and other features which LG describes as "human-car interaction-centric," Luxoft and LG also plan to introduce the new platform into the robotics and smart home sectors.

"We're already leveraging LG Electronics' thriving smart TV eco-system to customise and enhance WebOS so it provides an innovation canvas for car manufacturers to develop next-generation autonomous vehicles," said Luxoft senior technical director, Automotive, Mikael Söderberg,

"Having access to WebOS and its cloud services platform will enable car makers to design and develop better customer experiences for autonomous mobility services."

With both technology and specific industry expertise, the Luxoft and LG partnership is helping provide more ways for businesses across multiple sectors to digitise.

"Underlying this partnership is a shared desire to make it easier for manufacturers to innovate with technology," noted Luxoft president and CEO, Dmitry Loschinin.

"This platform gives them the flexibility to make digital changes. This will help accelerate the mobility revolution, improve human-robotic interactions and make smart devices even smarter."

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