Half of US car owners go online in their cars

Metova, a 'provider of mobile, connected car, connected home and IoT Solutions', has announced the results of a survey revealing the sentiment of US consumers regarding "the connected car."

Of note, it says, is that over half of respondents own a car that connects to the internet – either direct or via phone, while two-thirds would switch to a different entertainment service if that service is readily available in their new vehicle.

Other findings include:

Over half of respondents have a vehicle that connects to Internet via phone or direct connection with nearly one-third total having a car that connects to the Internet via direct connection

More than half of respondents have a 2014 or newer vehicle

80% are happy with the technology currently available in their car

2 out of 3 respondents would switch from their current entertainment service provider of choice to one that was included with their vehicle

Streaming music services are gaining on FM Radio with 33% of consumers preferring streaming versus 37% that still choose FM Radio – primarily for convenience over content

88% of consumers value new technology in their vehicles

1 out of 5 new car shoppers would walk away from a potential new purchase that featured everything they wanted in a car (price, brand, design, power, MPG, etc.) if it didn't have the latest connected technology included

"This information from consumers demonstrates we have reached a tipping point on adoption and expectation for technology in the car," said Josh Smith, CEO at Metova. "At Metova, we work with our partners throughout the world to understand their vision for connected car and home solutions to provide a complete technological path along with ongoing support to surpass their goal."

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