CES – Premium EV audio using less power and half the parts

Harman’s EV Plus+ Solutions overcomes traditional EV barriers to elevate entertainment, communication and cabin comfort experiences.

Harman’s EV Plus+ Solutions overcomes traditional EV barriers to elevate entertainment, communication and cabin comfort experiences.

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Harman International has a big presence here at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, taking over a sizeable chunk of the Hard Rock Hotel to display its goodies. They include updates to its connected car technologies, along with novel developments claimed to improve the electric vehicle (EV) audio experience.

Given that range anxiety continues to be a barrier for EV adoption, this has made the inclusion of popular in-car features that require a power draw, including infotainment, especially challenging when engineering for an EV environment.

In addressing these concerns, the supplier has developed EV Plus+ Solutions that delivers an audio performance using less power and half the parts of traditional systems. It also introduces on-demand delivery of software-based premium experiences.

Integral to EV Plus+ Solutions are three new offerings, namely Ecotect, Audio Marketplace and software-enabled branded audio.

Ecotect is central to this innovation. The delivery system ensures a punchy audio performance with half the parts and boasts reduced weight, reduced complexity and power consumption when compared to a traditional system. It features speakers, a proprietary Prodigy Booster amplifier and Power Manager 2.0 technology, all layered in via an architecture that leverages speaker locations, sustainable materials and clever signal processing.

Through Audio Marketplace, consumers can personalize their in-car offerings to fit their preferences, mood and lifestyle, with experiences including:

  • NatureScapes – plays recordings of America's national parks to soothe the journey.
  • Voice-Sensing Volume Fade – can differentiate in-car communication from music, adjusting the audio volume level down when conversations are taking place, and automatically turning the music back up as soon as the conversation has finished.
  • eESS Safe and Sound – projects electronic sound from external speakers at the front and rear of the vehicle to inform pedestrians of an EV's speed and location.
  • HALOsonic Road Noise Cancellation (RNC) – uses acoustic noise cancelling techniques to reduce unwanted road noise inside the vehicle cabin.

"At Harman, we believe the next-generation of mobility should convert the time you spend in your car into time well spent – and electric vehicles are no exception," said Bill Wyman, VP of Global Marketing, Lifestyle Automotive. "Environmental concerns are guiding purchase decisions more and more, but the demand for premium experiences hasn't changed. Through the groundbreaking delivery system of Ecotect that underpins EV Plus+ Solutions, we're enabling automakers to fulfill these needs for their customers, without compromises, for the very first time."

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